The Square Chapel Solo concert

Out Now

1) The Chapel (Part 1) (Wilkinson)

2) Lucky (Radiohead)

3) Square Blues (Wilkinson)

4) The Wind (Freeman)

5) The Chapel (Part 2) (Wilkinson)

6) Manhattan (Wilkinson)

7) Someone To Watch Over Me (Gershwin)

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About The Concert

At the beginning of this year (2007) I embarked on a series of solo improvisation concerts. By this I mean a performance without a plan, let’s just see what happens! The concert I was looking forward to the most was The Square Chapel Concert, being as it was in my home town (lots of family/friends/students in attendance) and only ten minuets in the car from my house. There would be no problems with the stress of a long drive to the venue, plus I also new they had a wonderful Steinway grand piano. So before I arrived at the Chapel I was well up for the performance, a good sound check and to be told it would be a full house only intensified my need to play. A month or so after the concert we listened back to the recordings I had performed. The Square Chapel was the one that stood out as the most consistently strong performance and I new then it had to be released. The CD (I hope you buy) is laid out exactly as it happened, there are no edits or alterations, just the removal of some long applauses and the traditional flower presentation; nobody wants to here that on CD, well not me. It was one of those special occasions when everything was with me and inspiration was a plenty. The encore I performed to conclude the concert was the Gershwin Standard, Some One to Watch Over me, I think somebody was.

Paul Wilkinson (October 2007)

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