Back to Normal

A children's musical written by Sarah & Paul Wilkinson


"The story was so mysterious and the songs are really exciting and fun to sing" Grace, 10.

'Back to Normal' is a musical production written for children that follows the story of a group of friends who take a seemingly normal trip to the seaside. As the day progresses, mysterious happenings and untold secrets threaten to get in the way of the strong friendship when the children face all sorts of trouble and excitement, as they try to get things 'Back to Normal'!

Featuring exciting, upbeat numbers along with dramatic, friendship-affirming ballads, 'Back to Normal' is sure to have something for everyone.

- 9 main character speaking roles (7 of which are solo singing roles).

- 11 smaller speaking/singing roles (can be expanded or reduced).

- unlimited chorus roles.

- Approximately one hour in length (also ideal in two halves).

- Age range(s): Key Stage 2 (7-11), Key Stage 3 (11-14), youth theatre, stage school.



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Included in your pack:

- 5 copies of the script, including character notes and song lyrics.*

- 1 copy of the rehearsal/accompaniment (piano) musical score.

- CD of backing tracks (for optional use) and sound effects.

- CD of vocal demonstration tracks.

* photocopying strictly for rehearsal purposes only.

This package entitles one 'run' of a performance, e.g. two nights back to back. Future performances will be charged at a standard rate.

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